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Mr. Kshitish Saikia,

Principal, Biswanath Commerce College.

There is always something to express…………

“An institution cannot be built by bricks and mortar neither by chisel and hammer, as quoted by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, “but by the quality of the students and the teachers, which shapes the institution.” So, from the very day of its inception of the Degree college (1993), we have been adhering to this teaching or doctrine of the renowned Indian philosopher and the statesman and former President of India.

For a futuristic society, the college has been dedicatedly operative in producing human resources along with its resourceful teaching, non-teaching staff and infrastructure since its establishment in 1993. Biswanath Commerce College with its own distinctive identity and relevant vision has been serving for years and has moulded with the fortune of hundreds of people of this place for a better future. From the very beginning the college has been claiming its relevance because of the academic discipline itself. The college has emerged as a leading centre for teaching and learning in both the discipline namely- Commerce and Arts education in Biswanath Chariali.

Biswanath Chariali is not a small township now-it is the head quarter of Biswanath district. The economic structure and pattern of this place has changed over the years and it is in fast developing stage or fast-forward mode. This is a place where several linguistics, cultural and ethnic group of people are conglomerating to give rise to a blended or complex social fabric. Within this eco-social cultural complexity or fabrics, it is the education, sole podium through which the society can set its future goals.

Today, we are happy and proud that despite of many obstacles and inadequacies that an institution like ours may face, Biswanath Commerce College, is operational with furistic promises. We may not have a top-class facilities and infrastructure but still we can boost of our dedicated professors, teachers, office staff and other enthusiastic students- they are our valuable wealth.