2nd , 4th and 6th Semester Regular Batch (17th Batch onwards ) Form Fill-up is going on. Visit Notice and News for more Information                  Admission for B.A/B.Com 1st sem. is going on(available in both on-line and off-line mode)                  Renewal admission for 2nd, 4th, 6th semester is going on. All students are requested to come to the office to make the payment.                  


  1. Photo-copies of self-attested marksheets are to be submitted with the Admission Form. But the original testimonials must be produced at the time o interview for admission.
  2. In the case of Break of studies, the ‘Gap Certificate’ from a magistrate verifying character and stating the reasons of inability for prosecuting studies during the gap period must be submitted with the Application Form for admission
  3. Selection of the students for admission is normally done on the basis of the results of the last examination passed. The policy of reservation of seats is strictly in accordance with the Govt. norms.
  4. If selected, admission must be taken on a specific day.
  5. If any candidate fails to be present on the admission day owing to unavoidable reasons, his/her guardian/ representative may take the admission, producing all the original testimonials. Otherwise, no claim for admission will be entertained later on.
  6. Fees mentioned above are subject to revision from time to time.
  7. A guardian’s declaration authorizing the college authority to take action against his/her ward id he/she violates the Rules and Regulation of the College must be enclosed in the application form for admission.
  8. The student seeking admission from the other states or universities must submit Migration certificate within 3 (three) months from the date of their admission.
  9. The students are to note that as per Gauhati University norms a student to attend 75% of classes held in a session to be eligible to appear at University Examinations.
  10. The students once getting admission into the college must strictly adhere to the rules of the college regarding the college-uniform so as to prevent entrance of outsiders into the College campus during college hours.
  11. Students indiscipline in terms of ragging, teasing, misbehaving fellow-students or teachers is strictly prohibited.
  12. Active participation of all the students in academic enterprises like Seminars, Talks, Debate and Discourses, Symposium etc. is mandatory.
  13. Participation of all students in co-curricular activities of the College is compulsory.
  14. Smoking and use of alcohol & drugs within the College campus is strictly prohibited.
  15. Movements of vehicles within the College campus during the class hours are prohibited so as to maintain peace and discipline in all respects.
  16. Prior permission from the Principal must be obtained for holding all kinds of meetings or assemblage within the College campus so that smooth functioning of the classes or office works may not be affected.
  17. It is compulsory for all students to sit for all Departmental, Terminal, Test, Annual Examinations of the college. Medical certificates are not entertained for promotion.
  18. Use of mobile phone inside the College campus is strictly prohibited